Seege briefly in English

Seege Oy is a sales and marketing organisation. Our product range includes soy products, sweets, industrial dry and canned foods. Our view is that people will incresingly take care of themselves and pay attention to their lifestyle. Our product range is carefully selected, representing companies who both know the needs of today's consumer and the future potential of the products for retail trade. Together with individual stores and food chains, we attend to quality product ranges as well as their distribution and marketing.

Our Key Customer organisation knows Finland's retail market and works in cooperation with various chainstores. Our marketing organization monitors the development of the consumer's needs and takes responsibility for planning the marketing of our product range. Our Sales Organization is responsible, together with the individual shops for our product's good visibility in stores.

Seege Oy's clientele is the retail trade, centralised purchasing departments of stores, and chainstores along with their various sales points. Our success depends on our choise of quality natural product brands, a motivated and professional staff, efficiency, expert knowledge of consumer needs, and good customer relations.